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  • Can I ask for an introduction?
    Yes, we would be very happy if you bring your fabrics with you. We carry out our testing studies in our R&D laboratory in our head office.
  • How Do I Use It with the Fabric Inspection Machine I Have?
    We can be positioned as a hybrid solution on manual fabric inspection machines. Having a flat area is sufficient for the operation of our technology.
  • Is It Suitable for All Fabrics? Does it Detect Flaws in Every Fabric?
    We do not differentiate based on knitting or weaving quality. In fact, we achieve successful results even on challenging surfaces such as flannel fabrics. Currently, we are refining our system for patterned and printed fabrics. Therefore, our preference lies with plain dyed fabric surfaces.
  • Is internet access required?
    Yes, internet access is required. For QBar.AI to function efficiently, internet access is necessary. During the first month, we provide remote monitoring and support operators in using AI. We offer 24/7 technical support to address any issues promptly, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance.
  • How does the library/data access work?
    When an operator starts a batch, we define the fabric style in the system. QBar.AI functions as a fabric inspection machine with learning and saved style capabilities. When a batch begins, it learns the fabric style and continues testing the remaining rolls in the batch using this style.
  • How is memory/storage provided?
    We only store defect photos. QBar.AI stores photos of detected defects and related reports on an additional hard disk inside the system. This ensures quick access to past defect records, making the fabric quality control process more efficient.
  • Hata isimlendirme mümkün mü? Proses nasıl işliyor?
    Evet, hata isimlendirme mümkündür. QBar.AI, kurulumdan itibaren aktif çalışarak biriken hata fotoğraflarını müşterilerimizin isimlendirmesini talep eder. Bu fotoğraflar tekstil kalite kontrol sürecine entegre edilerek 1 aylık bir süre boyunca fotoğraf doygunluğuna ulaşılır. Sonrasında, müşterimizin tanımladığı hatalar sistemimize entegre edilir.
  • Is there ERP & optimization integration?
    Yes, our system is open to ERP integration. QBar.AI is compatible with textile automation systems and can integrate your production processes with your ERP software. This integration optimizes your production processes using quality control methods in textiles, contributing to your quality assurance standards.
  • How Can I Contact?
    Click to reach us and view our contact information.
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