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A New Era in Fabric Quality Control


QBar.AI revolutionizes the traditional human-centric fabric quality control process with a groundbreaking innovation.

This advanced technology device accelerates the control process and improves material efficiency by instantly detecting defects on fabric surfaces through AI-powered analysis.


Setup and Integration

QBar.AI can be added as a plug-in to existing manual control machines. Designed to be compatible with traditional systems, it integrates seamlessly with your current processes.

Quick Setup & Tracking



QBar.AI can be easily mounted to your existing production line or manual control machine.



The system software is configured according to the specific requirements of your operation.



Once the installation process is completed, the training process starts on the same day.



The device is activated and starts working through a simple startup process.

Real-Time Scanning and Defect Detection

QBar.AI scans the fabric at high speed and performs real-time defect detection. This allows various defects such as surface flaws, spots, horizontal, and vertical lines to be instantly identified.

Advanced Reporting

QBar.AI generates comprehensive reports using data from defect detection. These reports help optimize your quality control processes.

1 - 

Real-Time Defect Map

The X and Y positions of detected defects are displayed on a live map.

3 - 

Data Export

Defect data can be exported in XML format.


2 - 

Detailed Reporting

Defect information, fabric width maps, and defect distribution reports are provided for each roll. Additionally, we offer reporting and lotting on a batch basis.

4 - 

Management Dashboard

Operators can manage all defect data and reports from a central location through a user-friendly interface.

Access Reports Through the Web Application

View your reports through the QBar Web application. Gain speed and efficiency by conducting your analyses.

Authorize Reports

Authorize your reports and define custom reports for your users.

Access from Any Device

Access your reports from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or phones.

QBar Web App | Report Tablet View
QBar App | Desktop View
QBar Web App | Report Mobile View



Speed and Efficiency

QBar.AI accelerates fabric scanning speed up to 35 meters per second, significantly speeding up quality control processes. This high speed increases efficiency on the production line, allowing for greater production volume and preventing production delays. Real-time defect detection on the fabric enables quick corrections, saving time and allowing products to reach the market faster.


High Accuracy

QBar.AI’s AI-powered analysis detects fabric surface defects with 98% accuracy. This accuracy rate is far beyond traditional human-centric methods, standardizing production quality and enhancing customer satisfaction. Its ability to distinguish different defects, such as spots, horizontal, and vertical flaws, ensures reliability in quality control.


Energy Efficiency

The automated scanning and analysis system optimizes energy consumption. It consumes less energy compared to manual control processes, resulting in significant savings in energy costs. QBar.AI’s efficiency-focused design reduces the environmental footprint of businesses and contributes to more sustainable production methods.


Cost Savings

QBar.AI reduces operational costs by minimizing the need for manual labor, unlike manual control processes. The device continuously monitors and records defects, thus reducing the time and effort spent by quality control personnel. The low defect rate and quick correction capability minimize production errors and reduce the need for reprocessing, providing cost advantages.



QBar.AI’s effective defect detection and correction capabilities reduce material waste. Fewer defective productions mean less scrap fabric, minimizing environmental impacts. The device’s efficient energy use and material savings help achieve sustainable production goals and contribute to eco-friendly manufacturing strategies.


Easy Integration

QBar.AI has a flexible design that can be easily integrated as a plug-in with existing fabric control machines. The installation process is quick and simple, allowing integration with minimal disruption to production lines. This feature modernizes your traditional machinery without the need to change your operational habits.


Advanced Reporting

QBar.AI offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, creating detailed defect reports after each scan. These reports include critical information such as fabric width maps and defect distribution, allowing quality monitoring at every stage of the production process. Reports can be exported in XML format, facilitating data processing and analysis.


Real-Time Data Analysis

QBar.AI’s innovative interface allows operators to monitor and evaluate defects in real-time. The real-time defect map instantly shows the X and Y positions of defects, enabling quick operator intervention. This instant feedback makes quality control processes more effective.


Continuous Learning

QBar.AI has a continuous learning capability regarding fabric types and surface defects. The device learns from the data it analyzes, optimizing its performance and adapting to different fabric types. Regular software updates continually enhance the device's capabilities, ensuring superior performance in the long term.


Textile Production

Used in quality control processes on fabric production lines.

Garment Manufacturing

Improves production quality by quickly detecting fabric defects.

Industrial Fabrics

Inspects surface defects in various types of industrial fabrics.

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