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Fütüristik Arka Plan

QBar AI: Transformation with Artificial Intelligence in Textiles

Optimize your business processes and increase efficiency with QBar AI, the Artificial Intelligence Solution in Textiles. Gain a competitive advantage in the textile industry through advanced data analytics, automatic decision support system, and flexible integration features. QBar AI provides deep insights by analyzing large datasets, enabling users to manage their business plans more intelligently. Our solution, 'Transformation with Artificial Intelligence in Textiles,' offers innovation and technology leadership for sustainable success.


A New Era in Fabric Quality Control

Traditional fabric quality control processes, which were 100% human-focused inspections, are now transitioning to full artificial intelligence with QBar.AI. In this new era, it brings radical changes in factors such as material efficiency, control speed, energy efficiency, and sustainability. QBar.AI can be seamlessly integrated as a plug-in onto existing manual control machines, aiming to be a pioneer in surface quality control operations in a world where data is digitized.

Error Tracking: Live Map and Reporting Capabilities

Operator support has been increased with the live map showing the instant X and Y positions of the defects. At the same time, the defect map can be exported as report and XML data.



It is an example of vertical defect caught in the flow on the system side.


An example of a horizontal defect caught in the flow on the system side.



No need to cut parts or go to the light booth to check the color transition or wing difference of your fabric roll. Moreover, we monitor the color transition of your fabric surface in every cm, we lot and report.

For more information about the Shadebar product, you can visit the website.

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