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Sustainable Production with AI-supported Fabric Quality Control

Artificial intelligence-supported fabric quality control is a new technology that will have a significant impact on the textile industry.

Currently, quality control methods that rely entirely on human inspection are time-consuming and prone to errors. In contrast, artificial intelligence technology provides faster, more accurate, and efficient quality control.

Errors overlooked in human-dependent fabric quality control methods result in repeated time loss in the production process. These errors lead to the detection of defective fabrics in subsequent processes and require intervention later on, causing production delays.

This situation creates a domino effect, leading to inefficient use of labor, energy, and other resources.

Defective fabrics resulting from overlooked errors in quality control are generally considered waste. Approximately 7500 tons of textile manufacturing waste is generated annually. The disposal or recycling of waste leads to increased consumption of energy, water, and other resources, causing significant environmental impacts.

Sürdürülebilir tekstil üretimi

Shaping the future and leaving a cleaner world for future generations is in our hands today. It is our responsibility to value existing resources and consume them carefully and responsibly to leave a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Yapay zeka destekli kumaş kalite kontrol cihazı: QBar AI

Embracing the concept of sustainability, the QBar AI product offered to you aims to make fabric quality control processes faster, more efficient, and reliable.

We emphasize that the better the errors in fabric are detected, the more effectively we can protect our environment. For this important process, it is necessary for companies in the industry to use our resources prudently and benefit from technology to maintain natural balance.

You can take advantage of this opportunity presented by QBar AI to make a sustainable move with artificial intelligence in fabric control. We are here for a better world.


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