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Shadebar Color Control System

The textile industry demands meticulous attention to accurate color matching and quality control. Ensuring color consistency in fabrics is a crucial step in the production process.

However, this process remains limited by traditional methods and can be time-consuming. This is where the Shadebar Color Control System comes in.

Built upon a three-part spectrophotometer system integrated into classic fabric inspection machines, the Shadebar Color Control System provides real-time color control by measuring color values every centimeter across the fabric's surface, offering manufacturers comprehensive color analysis.

This innovative approach aims to enhance color consistency in fabric production while minimizing waste.

ShadeBar UI

The Shadebar system surpasses the limitations of traditional methods by offering the ability to accurately evaluate the color consistency of each fabric roll, providing manufacturers with more reliable quality control and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the system's intelligent color processing units detect any color inconsistencies during production and allow for immediate intervention.

At the end of the inspection process, the Shadebar system provides users with the fabric roll's color threshold value and offers grouping recommendations when necessary, enabling manufacturers to make more informed decisions about color consistency before cutting fabric.

The Shadebar Color Control System could be a crucial tool for improving quality and optimizing production processes in the textile industry.

By going beyond traditional methods, this system could be an indispensable solution for innovative leaders in the industry.


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