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ShadeBar – Color Control in Flow!

The constantly evolving technology in the textile sector significantly influences quality control in production processes. In this context, innovative systems like ShadeBar provide the opportunity for real-time color control to detect shade variations, color filtering, and batch differences in dyed fabric production.

ShadeBar measures the L, a, b values in fabric production, instantly calculating Delta E differences to contribute to quality and time management in the production process.

This system ensures continuous color control by precisely measuring the optical reflection values of the fabric and can send a "stop" command to the machine when necessary.

ShadeBar conducts color measurements following the recommendations and decisions of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).

This ensures compliance with industry standards and allows reliable results in quality control. This innovative system is also considered a pioneer in the Industry 4.0 transformation.

ShadeBar can send calculated data to computer memory, cloud environments, or web providers, enabling the analysis of this data.

As a result, efficiency in the production process increases, and errors can be detected and corrected in advance.

In conclusion, ShadeBar's in-flow fabric color control systems are becoming a crucial tool to optimize processes and enhance product quality in the textile industry. Compared to traditional color filtering or shade difference control methods, this system establishes a new standard in industrial production by providing faster, more accurate, and efficient results.


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