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Innovative Approach in Color Control with ShadeBar Designed Using High-Precision Spectrophotometers

Color compatibility and accuracy are crucial for many industries, especially in textiles where color consistency plays a vital role in product quality and brand image.

In this context, the ShadeBar design adopts a groundbreaking approach to color control by using high-precision spectrophotometers.

Technological Features:

  • Use of Spectrophotometers: In the ShadeBar design, three high-precision spectrophotometers are employed to ensure color control. These spectrophotometers measure the wavelengths of colors, ensuring color compatibility and accuracy.

  • Calibration Plate and Precise Measurement: The calibration plate enables high-precision measurements by spectrophotometers. This allows even the slightest differences in colors to be detected, ensuring accurate color matching.

  • Scanning Speed and Precision: ShadeBar operates with a scanning speed of 100 measurements per second and provides precision up to 0.1. This speed and precision offer quick responses and accurate color control in production processes.

  • Light Source and Illumination: The D65 light source ensures accurate evaluation of colors. The LED-based lighting system provides clear and accurate display of colors.

  • Cleaning with Positive Air Pressure: Positive air pressure is used for cabin cleanliness. This minimizes dust and dirt inside the cabin, aiming to enhance the reliability of color measurements.


The ShadeBar design incorporates many innovative features that provide high precision and reliability in color control.

The use of high-precision spectrophotometers maximizes color consistency and accuracy, strengthening product quality and brand image. Additionally, with its technological features and user-friendly design, ShadeBar enhances color management efficiency and provides a significant advantage in production processes.

ShadeBar stands out as an effective tool in industrial applications, offering a solution based on advanced technology to improve color quality in color control. This innovative design redefines industry standards, increasing customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

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