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Fabric Color Controller: SHADEBAR and Online Continuous Measurement

The textile industry requires continuously evolving technologies for the accurate and efficient management of processes in fabric production. In this regard, innovative systems like the fabric color controller SHADEBAR aim to optimize production processes by offering significant advantages.

Features of ShadeBar and the Benefits it Provides in Fabric Quality Control


  • Online and Continuous Measurement:

    • ShadeBar performs color measurements of the fabric online and continuously. This feature ensures the consistency of color throughout the production process and enables the early detection and removal of defective fabrics.

  • Prevention of Defective Fabrics:

    • ShadeBar prevents defective fabrics from entering ongoing processes. Automatic alert systems come into play in cases of abnormal color changes or errors, immediately notifying operators.

  • Visibility of Edge Variation and Color Filtering:

    • ShadeBar takes into account significant factors such as edge variation and color filtering. This allows for the early identification and intervention of potential color variations or quality issues that may arise during the production process.

  • Operator Independence:

    • ShadeBar operates independently of operator experience. Automatic measurement and analysis systems minimize human errors.

  • Increased Efficiency in Production Processes:

    • The use of ShadeBar reduces or eliminates processes such as production line stops or sample taking, thereby increasing efficiency in production processes and reducing costs.

  • Reduction of Waste Rates:

    • Continuous color control provided by ShadeBar helps reduce waste rates. The rapid detection and correction of inconsistencies in the production process minimize waste rates.


In conclusion, the ShadeBar fabric color controller emerges as a significant tool for enhancing quality management and production efficiency in the textile industry. With continuously advancing technology, textile manufacturers can gain a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction through the use of such innovative systems.


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