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ShadeBar: In-Stream Color Control

ShadeBar, a revolutionary innovation in the textile industry, is an in-stream color control system designed to optimize color control processes in dyed fabric production and maximize product quality.


You no longer need to take samples for color transition or shade difference control of your fabric rolls, or go to the light cabin.

Moreover, we track, group, and report color transitions on every centimeter of your fabric surface.

With the use of high-precision spectrophotometers, ShadeBar detects even the smallest differences in colors, speeding up your production processes and ensuring perfect color harmony.

High-Precision Color Measurement

ShadeBar instantly measures the color values of the fabric using high-precision spectrophotometers. Thus, it detects even the smallest color differences and ensures perfect color harmony.

Smart Data Communication and Analysis

ShadeBar, as a pioneer in Industry 4.0 transformation, has the capability to transmit calculated data to computer memory or cloud environment. Thus, it enhances efficiency in your production process and enables the detection of errors in advance.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Designed in accordance with the standards of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), ShadeBar conducts color measurements that exceed industry standards. This feature ensures reliable results in quality control.

Fast Scanning and Response Time

ShadeBar provides fast response time by operating at a scanning speed of 100 measurements per second. Moreover, with its precision of up to 0.1, it ensures accurate color control in your production processes and contributes to time management.

For more details about the product, please feel free to contact us.

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